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User Manuals DokuMet QDA

Here you can find the user manual and the transcription manual for DokuMet QDA.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ zur Bedienung von DokuMet

Apple FAQs

We also have an Apple version and you can install it on your Mac without any problems.

My Mac tells me that the installer cannot be opened because Apple cannot search for malware in it, followed by the sentence "DokuMet XYZ cannot be opened because Apple cannot search for malware in it. This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information."

What to do.

This message is due to your security settings. Since DokuMet is not registered with Apple, there is a warning message. Please adjust your security settings for installation and install the programme. Afterwards you can increase the security settings again.

The programme may also be blocked from running. You can find out how to unblock the programme here in a guide at Sir Apfelot.

If you want to install a new version, you must first completely uninstall the programme. It is not enough to move the programme file to the recycle bin. The programme must be uninstalled via the Apple Uninstall app in the DokuMet folder!

However, if you have already uninstalled the file via the recycle bin and emptied it, the regular execution of the DokuMet uninstall programme will no longer work properly. This is not due to DokuMet, but to Apple, who basically only want to sell apps from their store and make it difficult for all other programmes.

For these cases we have a script to get DokuMet uninstalled:

    Step 1) The user has to download the script into his download folder.
    Step 2) Open the "Terminal" application
    Step 3) Change to the Downloads directory by using the command cd downloads
    Step 4) Execute the script by the command

sh mac_help_uninstall-dokumet

Step 5) Answer the security question with "Yes

Step 6) Enter the administrator password.

Afterwards DokuMet can be reinstalled as usual.

If the user has set a different home folder for his or her documents, he or she must first save it manually in a different location. Files in the default home folder can be found under $HOME/DokuMet. Drag the ZIP files from DokuMet, without opening or renaming them, to a location of your choice.

PKG files are compressed archives.

Instructions for opening them can be found here:

PS: These instructions were blindly adopted by us, as we are not Apple users.

Technical FAQ

Technical FAQ

Open Support Meeting

Zoom Help for Your Problems

Dear DokuMet users,

Do you have a problem with DokuMet QDA? Then come to our open consultation hour, every Friday from 10 to 11 a.m.!

Here you will find the zoom link.

If you are asked for login details, please use them:

    Meeting ID: 481 374 7129
    ID code: #DokuMet

The consultation hour takes place without registration, i.e. you can simply join us and we will take care of your problems.

Good luck with DokuMet,
Your DokuMet team


Further assistance

You didn't find anything here? Then please contact our support, we will be glad to help you!

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